Patient Testimonials

“She ALWAYS takes the time to listen and make us feel better. We love this Dr. and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in our families or our best friends, no questions! Thanks for taking such good care of my wife Dr. I am forever grateful.”

– Carl Rinnie


“I have had hemorrhoid/rectal discomfort for 17 years!! I have been to see six colon/rectal doctors over the past seven years, and during this time I had numerous procedures/surgeries to alleviate this pain and discomfort, and all had failed until I visited Dr. B. One quick fissurectomy and I was cured!! Dr. B’s demeanor and diagnosis is fantastic and has brought 17 years of anguish to an end!!”

– Mike Owens


“If I hadn’t met Dr. B in my beauty salon, I never would have had a colonoscopy. She is so nice and fun, I felt comfortable enough to do it. And thank God I did, because I had a big polyp that would have been cancer if I waited. A colonoscopy saved my life.”

– D.H.


“Diagnosed with Colon Cancer in 2008, Dr. Balasubramaniam was the 1st Dr. I met that was capable of putting my mind at ease. I read her resume on the Internet before making an appointment, her credentials are impressive. This is also evident in the hospital by the positive comments nurses say of Dr. Balasubramaniam. Her manner in relating to/caring for a patient is very reassuring. Highly recommend her professional services to people I happen to discuss my Colon Cancer history with.”

– Anonymous


“Dr. Swarna Balasubramaniam recently performed colorectal surgery on me. This was an elective but much needed operation which I had put off for years for numerous reasons, only one of which was my hectic professional and personal schedule. At the core of my reluctance was apprehension about the entire process—not really knowing what to expect, worry that the outcome would not be worth the effort, etc. However, from the minute Dr. B entered the exam room on my first appointment, she gave me a complete feeling of confidence which alleviated all my reservations about proceeding with the surgery.
“She understood what I was feeling and experiencing, both physically and emotionally, and communicated that understanding to me. It was obvious that she took my input seriously. She was interested in me more than just as a patient, interacting with me in plain language and in a forthright manner. And I had no doubt that Dr. B was highly trained and more than capable of performing the most up-to-date and sophisticated procedure available. My A+ outcome is proof of her expertise. Overall, I consider myself most fortunate to be Dr. B’s patient. She is not only a marvelous doctor, but also an exceptional caregiver (terms which, in my opinion, are not synonymous). I would highly recommend Dr. B without reservation.”

– R.K., Sugar Land TX


“The worst thing about Dr. B is that I didn’t know her 45 years ago. She is a wonderful doctor and has changed my life with her talent. I would highly recommend her to anyone having rectal problems. Don’t put off your hemorrhoid problems a day more. You will be very glad you called her and made the appointment to rid yourself of the most aggravating problem of your life.”

– R.S.


“Diagnosed with rectal cancer in 1/10 I went through radiation and chemo. I saw Dr. Balasubramaniam after first diagnosis who did surgery 3/29/10 for tumor removal (cancer dead due to rad/chemo) and resection of colon giving me an ileostomy. The amount of rectum was small but she saved it so I would have as normal a life later. I had a reversal 12 wks later (no more colo/bag) and am now nearly back to normal. She is kind, caring and pleasant. This is a very skilled surgeon who cares about her patients and made me feel comfortable and positive and uplifted. I would highly recommend this surgeon.”

– P.J. Munchkin-Rinnie


“Dr B is one of the best. Can’t ask for a better colon/rectal surgeon. Treats patients with care, comfort, and dignity. Excellent treatment from surgery to follow-up.”

– Jeff


“To Whom It May Concern:
When I was originally diagnosed as having an anal fistula, I was informed that two or more surgeries would be required. The first surgery was conducted by someone else and the healing process was slow and painful. A second surgery was scheduled and this one was performed by Dr. Swarna Balasubramaniam at the Sugarland Surgical Hospital on 7/09/2014. This surgery was highly successful.
“Amazingly, I experienced no pain immediately following the surgery or during the weeks of the healing process. When Dr. Balasubramaniam did her two week follow-up on 7/24/2014, I was delighted to learn that she had removed all of the fistula and no additional surgery would be needed.
“Dr. Balasubramaniam was a God-send to me. I had wrestled with this problem for years with a number of doctors, all to no avail. Then I was referred to Dr. Balasubramaniam, and she knocked the whole thing out in one operation; and all with no pain.
“I will be forever grateful to Dr. Balasubramaniam for the outstanding work she did and to the recovery room staff for keeping me calm and making me comfortable.”

– Ora L. Shaw


“My name is Bao Ya Li. I am a patient of Dr. Balasubramaniam. I am so glad that I made decision to come to Dr. B’s clinic after I find out I have to have a surgery done on me. Her confident knowledge and skill which is no one can compare around this area. I know I’m in good hand!!!
Thank you, Dr. Bal.”

– Bao Ya Li


“‎Who enjoys going to the doctor’s? Well, I do now that I’ve been seeing Dr. B. She is most assuredly one of the best doctors around. She is honest, to the point, and most importantly, a joy to visit. She puts you at ease and makes you laugh. Being relaxed throughout your procedures is definitely a positive. I only wish Dr. B was my PCP instead of a specialist. Go see her! You’ll be glad you did!”

– Linda Byrd


Dr. Swarna Balasubramaniam, MD… Well…. let’s just say that this lady “changed my life and improved my quality of life”! To make a long story short, I had been “doctor hopping” from one GI doctor to another for quite some time, and finally found Dr. Bala!! I have been experiencing colon trouble for years, and was unable to receive adequate results after several colonoscopy attempts! After a couple of visits and trying a few meds, Dr. Bala ordered a “transit test”, which indicated my colon was “not moving properly”. I put my trust in her, while she removed the majority of my large colon, hooked me all back together, and made me a new lady!
My hospital stay consisted of 4 days at the new Sugar Land Methodist hospital, with the best team of surgery nurses and anesthesiologists I have ever encountered! They had me up and walking in no time, and were all so kind to keep me furnished with “ice chips and water”, the entire time. Yes, I was hungry, from fasting before, during and after my surgery, but it was well worth the wait for that “big juicy Cheeseburger and fries”!!!!
I owe my speedy recovery to Dr. Bala, the nurses, support from my sweet mother, bless her heart, who spent a month with me, my wonderful family and best friends!!! So…I hope my message will encourage each person who reads this, to visit this awesome lady doctor and let her “check you out”!! She is so willing to listen, to help and try to fix the problems, while also being a highly skilled surgeon, who knows the complexities of the colon/digestive tract!
As for me… I am “back in the saddle”, swimming, working and resuming a great normal life with friends, family, my horses and my Aussie dog!
Thank You, DR. BALA, You Rock !!!

– Amy A.


“‎Dr. Bala is an excellent Doctor. I have and I would recommend her to anybody.
I came to Dr. Bala after 10 years of suffering with hemorrhoids and bowel movement problems. Dr. Bala was very assertive in her diagnosis and treatment.
I felt good right away and I am on my way to healing. Thank you so much Dr. Bala!”

– Beatriz Garcia


“Dr. Balasubramaniam, In a word, Amazing!, this is how I am feeling! After just one day of taking the probiotic, Metamucil and drinking more water I don”t feel miserable. I just can”t believe this treatment is so simple and has provided me with such relief! Thank you, thank you so much. You are awesome. I just wish that this treatment would”ve been prescribed to me sooner! I”ll see you in Feb. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.”

– Anna