When Should I Have a Colonoscopy

Most people have heard that a colonoscopy is a recommended test to look for colon cancer and polyps. However, it is less clear to most about when to have the test. The standard recommendation for asymptomatic average risk individuals is to have your first colonscopy at age 50 and then at 7-10 if no polyps

The Itchy Anus

Of all things that I see that could afflict a human being there are few things more embarrassing. Well, almost…. having an object stuck in your rectum is, but that is also easier to avoid by not putting things up there in the first place. But I digress. Anal itching (pruritus ani for those of

Hemorrhoids and the Porcelain Goddess

A lot of people like to sit on the toilet. Some people need to as it takes them more than the normal 1-2 minutes to have a bowel movement. This is called constipation and will be the subject of a future column. Rather, I am focusing on those people who electively choose to spend 10,

How do I make an appointment?

Since making an appointment regarding colon and rectal problems can be awkward or uncomfortable, we follow a procedure that is designed to make the patient feel comfortable and secure. The procedure we follow in making an appointment is as follows: 1) Call the office and make an appointment describing the general nature of the problem. Be sure